Are you visiting Haarlem and do you want to end the day in a relaxed way? Or do you live in the neighborhood and are you looking for a second living room? You are welcome daily in our cozy coffee shop on the Gedempte Oudegracht.

Regine in Haarlem is the coffee shop for everyone.

We have been the most accessible coffee shop in Haarlem for almost 30 years. In our shop you enjoy superior quality weed and hashish. Moreover, you can ask all your questions to our staff.

You can find Regine on Gedempte Oudegracht, right in the bustling city center of Haarlem.

Why Regine

  • weed and hashish of the highest quality
  • casual atmosphere
  • extensive offer
  • homemade edibles
  • the perfect place to relax

In the range of our coffee shop in Haarlem you will find weed for both experienced and novice smokers. We regularly offer organically grown delicacies. You can come to us for cured (ripened) weed whose taste is unsurpassed. But also lovers of uncured (fresh) weed are at the right place at our coffee shop in Haarlem. With us you can enjoy the best products from Indica, Sativa and Hybrid genetics.

Prefer hash? Our offer comes mainly from our regular Moroccan farmers in the Rif Mountains. That is why we are assured of the highest quality. In addition, you will find special block hash varieties in our coffee shop in Haarlem. This hashish is made in the traditional way, where only the first sifting is used to ensure the very best end product.

In addition to top-quality cannabis and hashish, Regine has even more for you: pre-turned joints, homemade muffins and edibles. Come enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a fantastic joint.

Prize-winning coffee shop in Haarlem
We not only say that you can buy the tastiest products from us, we also prove it! Our Haarlem coffee shop takes part in the Highlife Cannabis Cup every year. The Highlife Cup was established in 2002 and has various categories. In the 16th anniversary of the cup, we have won three times the third prize, twice the second prize and twice the first prize in the organic weed category.

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Relax and enjoy at Coffeeshop Regine

You are welcome daily in our cozy coffee shop.